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Stretch Aka Stretch Luv and Spyda “The Wise Musician” tag team on a funk driven LP that Willie Hutch, Parliament, and Curtis Mayfield would endorse emphatically and it was flawlessly Produced By Spyda “The Wise Musician”. These two MC’s are outstandingly comfortable and confident with their vocal prescence on the tracks. The entire album is fluid continuity that is demanded of veteran artists. Spyda’s production is in classic form as a notched, cohesive brew of nostalgia for those of us raised on urban music in the mid 80’s-early 90’s, syphoning influences reminiscent of Roger and Zapp, Patrice Rushen, and S.O.S. Band. Both rappers seem intolerant and annoyed with the current state of hip-hop which may be more indicative of a generational gap between their inspirations and today’s music. The subject content of this album tends to pendulum between admonishments of pop culture and the traditional bravado of their own talent and swagger. It’s fairly brief in topic variety which leaves for more to be desired but makes for easy listening. Not to be pigeon-holed, a couple of tracks veer off the beaten path to stir in smooth R&B, edgy rock, and soulful gospel elements which somewhat disrupt the flow of the set if playing the entire LP, but offers something refreshed and exotic as standalone songs. Void of profanity this album is suitable for Funk Lovers of All Ages!


A generation ago, Dr. Funkenstein, Star Child, Bootsy Collins and the PFunk revolution invaded Earth and delivered the FUNK to the planet.  Years passed and they left Clones on Earth to continue funking the world.  Inter-planetary Missionaries were recruited and trained to spread the FUNK throughout the universes.  The Visionary and the Funk Technician were two of these missionaries who volunteered to spread the gospel to the UNEDUCATED PEOPLE.

The Visionary was the original conceptual planner who was able to look into the minds of the Uneducated People and implant the FUNK into their brains inspiring them to FUNK on their own accord.  The Funk Technician was the scientist who made the vision a reality for the Uneducated People.  His melodic soul and creative rhythms inspired others to create music.  Together, they travel to uncharted regions of the universe on behalf of Dr. Funkenstein freeing minds and making the people move.


This is the Brand New Music Video Entitled “Blue Chocolate Chips” ft. Kenya SoulSinger Produced By: Spyda “The Wise Musician”


Here is some of their Music Videos “Knee Deep & Funk Ya Mind” Produced By Spyda “The Wise Musician”

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