New Hot Single from Kenya SoulSinger!

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Front Cover - Kenya SoulSinger Screams Of Passion

New Hot Single from Kenya SoulSinger Produced BY. SPYDA “THE WISE MUSICIAN”

A Sexy, Soulful, Funky Beat Laced with Sensual lyrics offering Love in exchange for dissension…

Album Notes

From her forthcoming album, ‘Meet Me In The Glow’, Kenya SoulSinger’s 1st single off of the project is sure to arouse the senses. More uptempo than her usual mellow grooves, ‘Screams Of Passion’ speaks of a lovers invitation to cease from fighting and get back to loving. The sexy beat and sensual lyrics are sure to provoke imagination and cause your body to move to the rhythm…
“I’m just askin, wouldn’t you rather hear my Screams Of Passion?”
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Hip Hop First Billionaire Dr. Dre Apple Buying Beats for $3.2 Billion!

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Hip Hop first Billionaire Dr. Dre Apple Buying Beats for $3.2 Billion!

Andre Romelle Young , known by his stage name Dr. Dre

Beats is widely known as the popular high-end headphone maker founded in 2008 by rapper-turned-businessman Dr. Dre (perennial member of Forbes’ Cash Kings list) and music producer Jimmy Iovine. The company also operates a new streaming music service. It is reported that Apple closed on its largest ever acquisition, a $3.2 billion purchase of Beats Electronics.


Dr. Dre is a multi platinum music producer, he is known for putting out major acts such as Snoop Dogg and Eminem just to name a few. This is something definitely to celebrate. From the days off Adidas suits, Kangol hats and backpacks to now in 2014 we now have our first Hip Hop Billionaire.
It’s good to know that hip hop went from not being accepted in society to be one of the top grossing music genres in the world. To all of you aspiring music producers we now know that’s the skies is the limit. You can achieve anything if you believe it and work toward your dreams. Good job Dre you are a great example of what a music producer should aspire to.

Here is Dre in his own words in this YouTube video that singer/actor Tyrese filmed that was released today!

~ Spyda “The Wise Musician”~

“The 1st Billionaire in Hip Hop right here, from the motherf*%king westcoast!”

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 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is one of the hottest reality shows in the game hands down. The show’s content consists of a whole lot of Hip Hop and very little Love it seems. However its 80% entertainment and 20% reality. In this blog we want to point out the difference between the reality and the entertainment portion.

Spyda :  “Well Cap, it seems like some of the buffoonery is back!”

Cap: “Man, I’m a reality show junkie, I like watching Erica & Joseline with their fine ass, the cat fights I love them and I be hoping I’m going to get a sneak peek of something lol”

Spyda : ” You are crazy bro lol. What do you think about the whole sex tape leak of Mimi and Nikko? It seems to me that they were pretending that the tape was leak, its funny all this happened right before the 3rd season.”

Cap: ” I think Mona Scott is a master promoter and any publicity is good publicity whether it destroys lives or saves them.”

Spyda: ” I agree bro, its about ratings and getting money for Vh1, so there has to be constant drama and that’s the 80% entertainment.

Cap: “But the reality of it is, it’s paying a lot black people checks and that’s the 20% reality because they are filming their lives.


 Cap: “Spyda, what do you think about my man Kirk Frost?”

 Spyda: ” I think Kirk was quiet as a church mouse on the 1st season but now he’s acting like King Turn Up!!!”

 Cap: ” Ha, was he King Turn Up or King Burn Up? Nah, I like Kirk but Rasheeda’s mom is totally out of pocket and she shouldn’t be in there business in whatever they are going through.

Spyda: ” I agree, btw wasn’t Bambi with Benzino on the last season?

Cap: ” She was in the hot tub with him but hey if Benzino smashed kool, and if Scrappy smashed, that’s kool too, but damn u don’t try and wife her lol have some fun but that’s it.

Spyda: Wow, It’s seems like this season is going to be really entertaining, I cant wait to see the play by play madness!

Cap:  Even through all of the madness. You still have to give it up to Stevie J , he’s a talented cat, his piano playing is off the chain! These are real people that they are filming flaws and all.

Spyda: ” Cap, do you think replacing K Michelle with Waka Flocka’s chick was a good choice?”

Cap: ” We have to see how it plays out, but you can’t replace K Michelle, hell… and you definitely cant replace that ass!”

Spyda: “I just got one more thing to say. What was up with Bambi riding that damn bike? lol

Cap:  “Ha…. don’t be riding over to my house on a damn bike trying to check me!”

As you can see it easy to watch someone’s else’s lives play out on television, and hell… it even takes your mind off of your problems. Whether your doing music or looking for love, there’s problems in both of them. Don’t take it too serious it’s just entertainment for real. Some might ask “why you guys are blogging about Love & Hip Hop? The answer. We Love Hip Hop!

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